Landing Page Customization

Your private landing page footer columns can be customized by you at any time. You have three footer columns in which you can add information.

Footer Column 1
is on the left

Footer Column 2
is in the middle

Footer Column 3
is on the right.

And for Regular Members, you can also change your Access Code that you give out to your prospects.

Please note: Putting any testimonials in your footer columns is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

Please DO NOT contact us or our Support Team to customize your landing page for you. We do not have the staff or time to do this. If, after trying everything you can (including asking a high school student for some help), then contact our Support Team by clicking Support at the top bar.

How To Change Your Access Code (for Regular Members only; not needed for Premium Members)

Login to your Health Success Center account and click Modify Your Profile on the right.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Just above where you can change your Health Success Center account password, you can change your Access Code.

Be sure to click Save All Changes at the bottom of the page.

How To Change or Add Info To Your Footer Columns

Login to your Health Success Center account and click Modify Your Profile on the right.

Scroll down to the section called Landing Page Information.

Displayed there are the long and short URLs (website addresses). These cannot be changed, but you can copy and paste them into an email or browser. So if you ever forget your landing page URLs, you can find them here.

Next you will find three footer column title and body fields. By entering information into these fields and clicking Save All Changes at the bottom of the page, this info will automatically appear in your landing page footer columns. If you have your landing page open in another browser window or tab, be sure to refresh the page to see the changes.

You can put whatever content you want into these fields, but realize that this info is public. Don't put any information into your footer columns that you do not want everyone who visits your landing page to see.

Please do not put content in the footer columns that is not appropriate or could get us into trouble. Don't forget, the footer columns content is always publicly displayed, even before the Access Code is entered. We reserve the right to remove content that we feel is not appropriate.

For those familiar with HTML tags, you can further stylize the text by adding the appropriate HTML tags to the content.

Guidelines for Using HTML tags

  • Our system automatically adds <br /> tags (line breaks) at the end of each line return, so those tags are not needed.
  • The use of ANY special characters, such as double quotes ("), an en-dash (–), em-dash (—) or bullet (•), will require the proper HTML equivalent in order for them to work.
    If you don't use the HTML code for special characters, your landing page will go blank (white screen).
  • Here is a handy HTML character code chart:  HTML Character Codes
  • You can use this handy online HTML editor to play around with stylizing your content:  Online HTML Editor.
  • Once you have played around with the online editor, click the Source button in the upper left corner and copy the HTML source code; then paste that code into the appropriate footer column field in your Profile.
  • Look at all of your footer column content on your landing page to be sure it appears as you want it. It may look different in the online editor than it does on your landing page, so always double check it.