Grand Opening A Huge Success

Over 60 People from 4 States Attend Grand Opening of Health Success Center of Paramus, NJ

With yummy sandwiches, outstanding meatballs (made by the lovely Bonnie Sue Ercolano) and a veggie platter (pesticide-free, thanks of course to Kangen Water 11.5) ready and waiting for our guests, we opened the doors of our official Grand Opening at 6pm on Thursday, February 28th. Lisa Iselin from Connecticut was the first to arrive with her team members, Clinical Nutritionist Geri Zatcoff and Acupuncturist Yovita Varnas. Dr. Steve Fleisher and his father Sid coming from Pennsylvania were next. The room quickly filled with distributors from 4 states and an array of first-time guests and those recently introduced to Kangen Water. It was moving to look around the room and see how many lives had been renewed and balanced thanks to Kangen Water. There were people there who had overcome fibromyalgia, gout, eczema, joint pain, chronic headaches…to name a few.

At 7:30 sharp we started our Famous Water Demo. Carl's wife, Adina Ruskin, gave a robust welcome. Dr. Steve Fleisher began the demo with humor and details on the current state of health in this country, then passed the baton to Carl who did a fabulous and thorough job demonstrating the 3 properties of Kangen Water. After Carl impressed everyone with the tomato taste test (WOW, tomatoes are so sweet without poisonous chemicals on them!), Rick took over with his dynamic energy for the third part of the presentation. He explained all 7 waters the machines makes and the various models that Enagic manufacturers. After explaining that there are predator companies out there, Rick showed us how easy it is to get a Kangen machine in our home. All were riveted and everyone went home with so much excitement and enthusiasm to share this with their family and friends.

At the Health Success Center we have distributor tools and supplies available and sales were robust this evening!

Two days later, on Saturday, Rick and Carl led their first training with 12 distributors in attendance. The focus was on us all being System Dependent not People Dependent.

Join us at the Health Success Center
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hsc-grand-opening-dr-steve-fleisherDr. Steve Fleisher

hsc-grand-opening-carl-carvalhoCarl Carvalho

hsc-grand-opening-rick-ercolanoRick Ercolano

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