Health Success Center was founded by two friends who met many years ago. Their business sense is very similar and they work well together. They continue to work very hard to support their teams and to create the training and tools needed to succeed.

They teamed up with Dr. Matthew Milestone, who also shares the same passion, and because, frankly, he is a nice guy and he owns the building. This Center is a new concept in the Enagic world.

photo of rick ercolano

Rick Ercolano

has been a wellness educator and entrepreneur in the direct sales profession for over 30 years. Within his first 6 months with Enagic he has achieved the highest level, the rank of 6A.

Rick is a great communicator and a hard worker. He has a great knack for motivating others, is an inspiring speaker and an excellent sales trainer. Rick lives in southern NJ with his wife Bonnie Sue and their two daughters. He also has two daughters, both nurses that he is very proud of, that live in Bergen County.

photo of carl carvalho

Carl Carvalho

is a Licensed Massage and CranioSacral Therapist in New York and has been formally involved with alternative health since 1999. He has worked with people in thousands of sessions to help them overcome their health challenges.

Carl brings his passion of helping people live better lives by making healthy choices to his Enagic business. Drinking Kangen Water and taking Ukon daily is part of his family's lifestyle.

Carl is an entrepreneur by nature and has owned several businesses, including a printing and graphics arts business in NYC, and a non-profit arts production company with his ex-wife, writer, Adina L. Ruskin.

Carl's natural coaching abilities came out as he developed teams all over the world. To serve people better, he went through rigorous training to become a Life Mastery Consultant and Transformational Life Coach. Carl has now added this deeper level of service to his clients and to his Enagic business.

Although as of 12/32/18 Carl is no longer a partner in the Health Success Center, he still supports the Enagic community through his trainings and workshops.


Dr. Matthew I. Milestone

has a special interest in helping adults, children and small animals (such as pug dogs) create beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. He is a life-long resident of New Jersey and enjoys sky diving, golf, competitive Olympic skiing, Iron Man triathlon competitions and deep sea exploration via submarine. In his spare time, he paints portraits of famous dogs that hang in the Louvre' and composes symphonies for the Boston Pops.

Dr. Milestone is proud to have taken honors as a master dog trainer at the International Competition at Westminster Dog Show. He can train a dog to do anything, even disguise itself as one of the porcine breed.

All of this is unfortunately untrue, except the part about Dr. Milestone creating beautiful smiles for his patients, and maybe the part about skiing. His website is www.MilestoneOrthodontics.com