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  • Weekly Kangen Water Nights - Every Monday, 3 to 6 pm

    We have provided water to all who would come get it for the last 11 years to the blessing of hundreds of people.
    We recommend 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles with screw caps (avoid spilling in the car) If you don't have them, we can provide at our cost. $7.50 per either
  • Keith & Elizabeth Flint Home/Contacct info

    Home Address( we now live on a Ranch 30 miles east of Colorado Springs.)
    30795 Darrol Rd
    Yoder, CO 80864
  • Other information for Your Health

    www.GodsWaterBlog.com explains how your body requires structured water to enable the Red Blood Cells to maintain your health. Read Your Brain on water, Some Truths about Cancer, Is a Stomach disorder, a PeptoBismol deficiency? etcc. you can receive "update" Text notice by texting your name to 720-262-9631 and "Add me to your blog update list"
    www.GodsWaterBoy.com is a General access web page to link to Facebook, LinkedIn, other websites and document download of "Some Truths about Cancer"
    www.Purifyingh2o.com (Enagic Product Website)