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  • Weekly Kangen Water Nights - Every Monday, 3 to 6 pm

    We have provided water to all who would come get it for the last 9 1/2 years to the blessing of hundreds of people.
    We recommend 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles with screw caps (avoid spilling in the car) If you don't have them, we can provide at our cost. $7.50 per either
  • Keith & Elizabeth Flint Home/Contacct info

    Home Address( we now live on a Ranch 30 miles east of Colorado Springs.)
    30795 Darrol Rd
    Yoder, CO 80864
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    www.GodsWaterBlog.com is updated weekly. you can receive update notice via text message by texting your name to 720-281-3965 and "Add me to your blog update list"
    www.GodsWaterBoy.com is a General access web page to link to Facebook, LinkedIn, other websites and document download of "Some Truths about Cancer"
    www.Purifyingh2o.com (Enagic Product Website)